People travel to enrich their lives by discovering unique and distinct experiences that resonate to their life aspirations. They connect with places similarly to how they connect with people; based on common beliefs, shared values and engaging experiences.

At Quillon, we create a world worthy of travel by conceiving, building and managing destinations that are aligned to universal aspirations and rooted in good human values.

Kind to the people. Kind to the planet.

Our differentiation is rooted in our neo-capitalistic worldview that places a purpose beyond profit at the core of everything we do. Ours is a journey of creating meaningful value and positive social impact by creating a world worthy of travel. We don’t just design, build and manage destinations, we work tirelessly to create sustainable prosperity for all stakeholders in the value chain.


  • Traditional hotel management agreements don’t always place the asset owner’s interests first. It’s a tug of war between contradictory interests.
  • Technology has leveled the playing field. You can now launch your own hotel brand and manage your property, as efficiently as established operators.
  • Original and independent brands have become more profitable and distinct in the past decade, as people seek more authentic experiences.
  • Hotel management services need to be modular, serving your needs first as an asset owner or manager. You should be able to customize your engagement.
  • Brands have scale. Build a distinct proposition to support your investment and you could propel your opportunities of growth.
  • You don’t need to invest in technology as you can simply plug and play. It’s never been easier to manage your global distribution strategy.

We believe there’s an opportunity to evolve the way asset owners engage with hotel operators. Let’s face it, technology has leveled the playing field and today you could launch and manage your own hotel brand with the same efficiency as many legacy operators.

Complex and cumbersome management agreements can restrict growth, profitability and the much needed agility that’s required to generate optimum value for properties.

The industry is stepping into the ‘post-industrial’ hospitality era — where original, independent and authentic brands will drive the growth in hospitality. This gives asset owners a unique opportunity to not just build a property, but create an original and lasting legacy that also has the ability to transcend across different properties.